Social Network Analysis

Impact of the Individual


It has been said that microblogs such as Twitter are unique due to the rate at which new information is produced and because of the relatively small size of each batch of information. Understanding how thoughts spread across these networks allows insight into human sociology and, subsequently, the development of algorithms capable of handling even more complex communication forms. Historically, data analytics science — including social network analysis- has focused on using graphs to visualize end results. However, in the last decade we have seen the emergence of new techniques to better understand large datasets that go far beyond previous approaches. Existing techniques in the market assume a well-formed network consisting of nodes that only exist in a controlled setting; when applied to real world data, these techniques fail. By contrast, Rsignia’s approach to finding the actual impact of an individual uses a mix of behavioral and data sciences. Our techniques are used to derive insights into how the world works, including the impact of individuals and groups on the global stage.